Last-minute April Fools Day pranks

Elizabeth Yao, section editor

Did you miss your chance at doing an April Fools Day prank? Try some harmless and easy pranks as a late redemption. 

Whoopee cushion: If you are looking for a prank that is easy to pull off, try the whoopee cushion, the pinnacle of a harmless joke. On the day before you plan to hear a bunch of farts, scatter whoopee cushions everywhere: under sheets, pillows, seats, and rugs. For the best comedic value, make sure they are as annoying as possible. The more the better. After laying the field with fart cushions, watch the shock as your victim realizes they have been whoopee’d. 

Whipped cream pie: Looking to be a little more adventurous? Opt for the classic pie to the face; after all, who doesn’t love whipped cream? Although a little messy, this prank will definitely get some laughs with the added benefit of whipped goodness. To pull off a good pie face, make sure that the previous day you either get a pie tin or a pie crust, then load it up with as much whipped cream as physically possible. If not enough, decorate it with some sprinkles or sauce to add some color to the pie. To add more shock to the prank, put the pie in the refrigerator for a bit just so it is really chilly. When you are ready, hide yourself in a corner and prepare the pie for the face. Just be ready to help clean up the mess! 

Airhorn: To instill momentary fear, try an Airhorn. There are a few ways you can use an Airhorn. The first way is the most straightforward—hide yourself in a corner and get ready for someone to pass by. The second way requires more preparation but is worth the jump scare. A day or two before you plan to execute the plan, take an airhorn and tape it to a chair that slightly sinks after being seated. After that, tape an Airhorn to the bottom of the chair so that when the chair is sat on, you can hear the sound of a blaring Airhorn. 

Bug scare: If you have squeamish friends or family, this one is for you. This prank requires a bit of preparation but is sure to get a great reaction. Before the day of the prank, you will need to either: buy plastic bugs, print out bugs, or use bug stickers. When no one is around, place the bugs in the most unexpected places where they will be the most effective. Places that usually work the best are in a cupboard, under a lampshade (will require tape), and/or in the bathroom.

This piece was originally published in Zephyrus’ print edition on April 20.