Tacos and Tunes unites Edina with moshing, music, and more


Charlie Fenske

Riley Shane Performing at Tacos and Tunes

Elizabeth Yao and Lainey Maniak

Tacos and Tunes, a yearly homecoming tradition, has gained popularity as part of the week-long lead up to Homecoming in order to build spirit for the football game. Occurring after Powderpuff, a girls only flag football tournament, students jam out to their peers performances while eating from local food trucks. 

Edina High School’s Student Council created Tacos and Tunes as an event where students are able to let loose and have fun. The event hosts two food trucks next to a stage where student musicians perform in the EHS parking lot. Whether it be original songs or covers, the Tacos and Tunes environment is an exhilarating way for students to play in front of a crowd after practicing for so long. “[The audience] feels wild. It’s amazing,” senior Sam Rogers said.

All of the students’ hard work does not go unnoticed. Friends, family, and faculty flock from distant corners of the Twin Cities to attend Tacos and Tunes in search of a fun afternoon. “Usually the vibe is just a backyard concert … hype but not too hype,” Mullen said. At the event, many students could be seen dancing, cheering, and even moshing with glee. 

Visitors do more than just listen to the music and eat food—the open parking lot means groups can get together to pass a frisbee or a football while they soak in the sound. Many attendees are returning visitors with a strong attachment to repeat performers, in particular one rapper caused commotion within the crowd. “Bring Lil Frosty back next year,” senior Henry Molhoek said, a consensus demonstrated through avid chanting at Edina’s very own mosh pit. 

Many students and faculty have expressed their hope for Tacos and Tunes to continue to grow in the years to come, expanding a funky fresh get-together that will continue to build the close-knit community EHS strives to grow.  “I’ll forever remember [Tacos and Tunes], I will go to bed when I’m married with children and I’ll think ‘wow, what I would do to go back to my 2022 Tacos and Tunes event,’” Mullen said.