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Audrey Sheehy, front page editor

Sure, you could say that she lights up the room as soon as she enters (apparently that’s what her fortune cookie said…), but this opinionated, clever, and slightly crazy girl ain’t leaving class without her homework and to-do list. When she isn’t cramming the books, Audrey enjoys anything artsy. From painting to photography and scrapbooking to maybe even making the cool DIYs she finds on Pinterest for her sister’s birthdays, she does it all. A softball player and a volunteer, there’s nothing she can’t do except, well, sing and maybe dance (unless you consider sideways thumbs a dance move). She’s got one hectic life, but she loves spending time with the family, and sometimes maybe her friends, if they are lucky. Audrey wasted three (rainy, in her defense) days watching and finishing three seasons of “Downton Abbey,” a show whose fourth season may or may not be airing around the New Year, in England! On top of all of that her favorite “outdoorsy sport” (if you can even call it that), has to be tubing - she even has scabs on her elbows to prove it!


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Audrey Sheehy