212 Phone Cases

Edina 212 Leadership has created their own mini business. The idea: customized Edina cases for iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy.

The idea began with a suggestion from Mike Orth, a former Edina High School graduate and CEO of Widget Wah!. The idea was later relayed by EHS Principal Dr. Bruce Locklear to the 212 cabinet who decided to move forward with the plan. “We were all kind of weary about it at first. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into,” said cabinet member and senior Alex Davis. “Mike made it more simple than we actually thought it was going to be.”

Originally, the cases were created for the Edina Boys’ Soccer team, but 212 is now looking to expand into other sports and fan bases. Currently, the cabinet is creating both Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball cases along with Girls’ and Boys’ Hockey cases. Teams can order phone cases with names, numbers, and jerseys. During the hockey season, 212 is going to try to sell the cases at the Braemar Arena to reach fans and parents. “What parent wouldn’t want a phone case? Especially if parents buy the ‘My kid is an honor student’ buttons… then of course they are going to buy a phone case. You actually need a phone case,” commented Davis. Depending upon how well it does, the cabinet members will also be selling the cases at other home game athletic events.

The cabinet members have been selling cases during the past few Friday lunches, but because their audience is largely high school students who lack cash on hand at school, according to the cabinet, the profits have been minimal. To be more convenient for everyone, a website (edina.revtrak.net) has been created that allows anyone to order a phone case and have the option to pick it up at the EHS main office or have it mailed to their house. Questions are directed to [email protected].

The money is being raised not only for Edina’s 212 organization, but also for many of EHS’s smaller service groups. For example, some of the money will go towards funding transportation to these volunteering spots, thus giving students “freedom and more opportunities,” said 212 cabinet member, Sheila Hirsch. All in all, 212’s goal is to involve more students in service and to continue to improve and strengthen the community.

At $15 a case and $20 for a customized one, there are five different phone case designs and each has a choice of color: black or white. For the designs, the cabinet worked with Mike Orth. Researching different kinds of Edina logos, they tried to encompass all styles to reach all ranges of Edinans. “[It was] probably one of the more fun parts of the project. To get to design the types of cases people would be using on their phones,” said Hirsch.