Senior Rebecca Ohaeri Publishes “Two Broken Birds”

Rebecca Ohaeri

Senior Rebecca Ohaeri currently works in the EHS Writer’s Block and just published her first novel, “Two Broken Birds” on Nov. 20. Self-published and available on Amazon, this love story is about a young noblewoman living in the realm of Asterorn who is dissatisfied with her predestined position and way of life. Zephyrus got a chance to interview Ohaeri later last week.

Zephyrus: When did you start writing the novel?

Rebecca Ohaeri: I have actually had this story since sixth grade, but it has evolved since then. So, it’s not all the same story I’ve had since then. I have rewritten it several times.

Zephyrus: What was it like to publish” Two Broken Birds”?

R.O.: I self-published it. It is really interesting. I looked up the differences between traditional publishing and self-publishing, and learned that self-publishing gave me a lot more control over the process. I got to pick what went on the cover and what the interior of the book looked like. That was really cool.

Zephyrus: What steps did you take to get it on Amazon?

R.O.: I found the self-publisher CreateSpace which is owned by Amazon. You can directly upload to the website and get a hard book or e-book. I contacted them and paid them to edit the book and make the book, but I was very much involved in the process. Any times I had questions I would just email them.

Zephyrus: Can you give a quick synopsis on what “Two Broken Birds” is about?

R.O.: It’s about this girl in a kingdom based on eighteenth century France. She is the daughter of the most powerful noble family and she’s engaged to the crowned prince, but she doesn’t have an opinion. It is what it is. Slowly she becomes more discontented with her world realizing that she really has no say in what happens to her. The story is about her learning and trying different things and sorting out her life on her own. It’s kind of trial and error because some things don’t work out for her.

Two Broken Birds will be available on e-book sometime this week. Ohaeri works in the Writer’s Block during third lunch and sometimes on Collaborative Wednesdays.