Two Mysterious Men Spotted in the EHS Parking Lot

Audrey Sheehy, print editor-in-chief

13:50 October 21, 2015. 2 hours ago, during fifth period, a suspicious car was spotted in the Edina High School parking lot. The car was parked in the back corner of the north lot with a trail of burned tire marks that trailed the wheels all the way from the entrance of the lot.  Reports say the car is a DeLorean DMC-12 with some sort of unidentified gadget molded into the hood. The car has two doors that lift vertically from a top hinge.

        Security reports that they have seen two mysterious men walking around the lower fields. One of the men was described as short and blonde, and was wearing an orange vest over a jean jacket, almost as if he came from 1980s. The other, was described as psychotic. That man was tall and lean with ancient white afro and “crazy” eyes. He yelled at a senior who was leaving sixth hour. The student reported that he said, “The cubs are going to win the World Series!”

        Police are investigating the case and are currently looking for the two men.

This is satirical and is solely in celebration of what can be known as Back to the Future Day, because Marty McFly went to the the future on this day in Back to the Future 2, a movie released in 1989. marty mcflyphoto courtesy of