October 1st, 2014

10:51- Run out to Ansel’s neighbor’s lime green ‘99 Mazda Miata.

10:53- Hydroplane into a fire hydrant on the way out of the parking lot.

10:54- Flee the scene with red paint on the Miata.

10:55- Get t-boned by a fire truck while fleeing the scene.

10:56- Flee that scene on foot.

10:59- Stop to help an old lady across the street.

11:08- Upon crossing the street, realize that the kind old lady was actually an escaped convict in a full orange prison jump suit named Snake.

11:09- Snake tells us about his hidden treasure chest in Brooklyn Park, and invites us with him to retrieve it.

11:11- Snake is hit by a fire truck, and dies on impact.

11:15- Hitch a ride on a passing hippogriff.

11:30- Arrive in Brooklyn Park, and find the old Cave where Snake hid his treasure.

12:00- After half an hour of digging, find an old film canister with a nickel in it.

12:05- Take off from the cave five cents richer, and feeling good

12:10- Our parents leave for France while we’re sleeping in. At first it’s fun, but soon two criminals, Harry and Marv, attempt to break in, and we are forced to thwart their attempts to takeover our house with booby traps and other mischievous tactics.

12:15- Realize we should probably just call the cops because we’re eleven, and don’t want to die.

12:31- Cops come, make quick work of the bumbling criminals.

12:40- We are also arrested for harboring a dangerous criminal when we helped Snake across the street, and for the whole fire hydrant business.

12:41- Collaborative time ends and we get 25 years to life.