The Life of a Forgotten Child

The Life of a Forgotten Child

Adair Andre, staff writer

Last night I came home from Cross Country, famished for something delicious. My father, Roger “The Chef” Andre, promised a delicious gourmet meal that would be served promptly at 8:30 pm. He told me not to ruin my appetite so I waited patiently in anticipation for another one of Roger’s fantastic creations. However, 9:00 pm came around and I started to worry. I needed to go to Southdale to pick something up before it closed. Come on Roger! My father said, and I quote, “Go ahead, I’ll save some for you.” I leave for Southdale and come back around 9:45 pm. I walk in the door and see a clean kitchen, which is never a good sign. I see my dad in the TV room and I ask him where my food is. He says “What food?” That’s when I enter panic mode and start asking life’s great questions like “Does my father love me?” and “Will I die of starvation?” Apparently he forgot I existed and accidentally ate the rest of the food. Typical Roger.

So what do I do at this point? It’s 9:45 pm, I’m insanely hungry, and there is no food. Though not the most delectable option, this is where boxed and frozen meals come in handy. Here are a few suggestions for meals that can be created with little hassle in under ten minutes for when you find yourself in a similar situation:

  • Annie’s Mac and Cheese (so much better than Kraft)
  • Ramen
  • Frozen Pizza
  • Grilled Cheese
  • And my personal favorite: toast with Nutella

So what happened on that fateful night? My good father Roger quickly whipped up a little soup and found some bread and called it a meal. I guess he loves me after all.