A beautiful array of lunchboxes.

Adair Andre

A beautiful array of lunchboxes.

To begin this blog I figured a nice haiku could set the mood.

Lunch is an escape

Whether from a bag or tray

Time to chat and eat.

Now that you are sufficiently drawn into today’s topic, I shall begin. Lunch is arguably the best time of the school day. After battling pains of hunger from the lack of food all morning, it is wonderful to get to finally dig in and take a relaxing break. Now that we’ve established that lunch is important in general, by the transitive property of food, what we eat at lunch is just, if not more, important.

The first choice one must make (and possibly the most important), is whether to bring lunch from home or buy it at school. Now in the past I would have always said to bring it from home, but the choices at school have gotten much better, so now my philosophy is to mix it up. Since making a bag lunch requires getting up earlier to compile it, the choice becomes even more difficult (unless, of course, mommy or daddy are kind enough to make it for you). The other reason to mix it up is because bagged lunches = cold lunches. You can’t have a nice warm meal of spaghetti or soup from home because often times it will get cold before it even touches your lips. If you switch off between home and school lunches you can have a good healthy sandwich every once in awhile or a warm circle of pizza. I’d say that if you have the option for both, go for home three to four days a week and school the other days. There’s only so much variety you can get from home and from school, and if you mix it up, the options change more than ever.

Now once you’ve decided where to get your lunch, you must decide what specifically to eat. A lot of this depends on when you get to lunch, how hungry you are, how much time you have, and your mood that day. Now with the bag lunch many of these options can’t be made unless you think ahead that morning. Now every person must answer these questions for themselves – your lunch is for you. Though I do have a few suggestions: If you are extra hungry a burrito is possibly the best option, with calories jam packed. If you don’t have a ton of time to eat then grabbing a quick pizza or pre-made salad is always a great option. Also grabbing some fruit or a little snack is a nice addition to every lunch, especially for those (like me) who want to eat constantly throughout the day, and waiting for lunch to occur is just wayyyyyyyy too much time.

Now choose wisely people. Lunch can make or break a day here. There is LITERALLY no bigger decision you will ever make in your life.

Peas out.