Essentials of Cooking

For those of you out there who are experts in the art of cooking, these foods are probably used on the daily. That’s because these three foods can make or break a meal. They all have strong flavors and effects on other foods that bring out some delightful tastes.

Salt. Humans are bred to love salt. There’s a reason people use it for pretty much any type of cooking. Not only does it make your taste buds happy, it is also a flavor enhancer. It brings out the best flavors in foods and makes everything that much better

Garlic. Now obviously garlic isn’t used in all foods (like dessert), so don’t go making a garlic pie or something. However, the foods garlic is used with makes them so much better. It has a very strong unique flavor that can add to many dishes, especially pasta. In addition, it is actually very healthy with its antioxidant properties and has cardiovascular benefits.

Butter. This smooth melty add-on is another food that is essential to almost any kind of cooking. It may not taste great alone, but the reason butter makes other foods taste so great is that it is essentially a flavor carrier for foods. Flavors easily dissolve in fats, which essentially makes butter the most flavorful food in the UNIVERSE.

Peas out.