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Linnea Shively
Not only is Linnea Shively excited to be starting junior year finally as an upperclassman, but also as a new member to the Zephyrus staff! Linnea is well known by her friends as being a La Croix addict, and drinks multiple cans (or packages) a day. Another item commonly associated with Linnea is hand sanitizer, since she loves to make absolutely sure that her hands are clean before eating lunch. For this, Linnea is teased for being a germaphobe, although she would argue that her methods work since she cannot remember the last time she was sick. This past summer, Linnea discovered that she has a passion for hiking on a trip to Glacier National Park, and would seriously consider a career as a park ranger if she did not have to wear the completely olive outfit. Additionally, Linnea is quite proud of her self-taught ability to slalom waterski, and loves to show people action shots of her skiing. After she graduates from college in 2025, Linnea plans to backpack across Europe, and has already started figuring out which countries to visit, as she loves to plan excessively far in advance. 

Linnea Shively, Staff Writer

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Linnea Shively