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Celia Vedder
Celia Vedder is a sophomore at Edina High School. She is pumped for her first year on the Zephyrus staff! When Celia isn’t gushing about being on Zephyrus, you can find her listening to true crime podcasts. She finds something oddly comforting about listening to Dateline while falling asleep. If she isn’t listening to a podcast, you know she is watching Homeland. She hopes to one day put all of those 8 seasons of knowledge to the test and become a CIA field agent. She is also on her high school’s alpine ski team. She isn’t the best skier, but she enjoys the environment of her teammates. If you are questioning about doing an activity, ask Celia, she’s done all of them. Alpine skiing, sailing, acting, flag football, sewing, dance, karate, debate, soccer, cooking classes, violin, volleyball, nordic skiing, basketball, etc. By doing so many activities, this makes her very well rounded and will hopefully give her a boost when it comes to her investigative journalism.

Celia Vedder, Staff Writer

Oct 29, 2020
The abrupt change to winter clothing (Story)
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Celia Vedder