The abrupt change to winter clothing

Celia Vedder, staff writer

The weather is changing and so is the fashion at Edina High School. The unpredictable climate does not stop Minnesotan students from adapting to it. So, what are the new fashion fads that come with this change in season? 

First we have the sweater vest, which was typically popular among grandpas and is now coming back in teenage girls. In warmer weather, it’s normally paired with a tennis skirt, but with the new chill, you can easily wear sweater vests with jeans and a turtleneck underneath. Related to layering clothes, a lot of girls have picked up wearing collared shirts underneath their crewnecks and sweaters. It’s both a fashionable look and a way to keep warm throughout the cold day. 

Even though the weather might be depressing, that doesn’t mean your pants have to be! The idea of funky pants came from influencers like Emma Chamberlain and blended into Edina. From plaid, zebra, cow print, and much more, these patterns brighten up the school hallways. In other pants news, corduroy pants are making a resurgence among teenagers. Both comfy and cute, corduroy pants are a perfect way to go this winter. 

In men’s fashion this season, we have seen a lot of the Nike Blazer Low among the teenage boys at Edina. These casual shoes are perfect for any outfits, from joggers to khakis. To keep warm this early winter, you see a lot of students rocking a Patagonia Men’s Fleece. It’s almost impossible to go a day without seeing someone wearing a fleece at Edina High School. 

If you want to be on trend this season, for girls try shopping at Aritzia, Free People, Brandy Mellieve, Shekou, and even your local Goodwill. If you need some inspiration for outfits, influencers like Kaja Isdahl (@kaja_isdahl), Hunter Schafer (@hunterschafer), and Matilda Djerf (@matildadjerf), all have great looks. For boys, Patagonia, North Face, Nike, and Adidas have some good finds. Some good male fashion influences are Timothee Chalamet (@tchalamet) and Jacob Elordi (@jacobelordi).