Edina High School’s Girls’ Track is anticipating a great season with the help of some new captains

Celia Vedder, staff writer

Seniors Julia Mueller and Hana Dorsey, two of the eight captains on EHS’s Girls’ Track & Field team, share the same optimism surrounding the clash between their track season and the Minnesota weather. “I’m expecting this season to be one to remember for sure, the snowy weather has not been favorable to our schedule, and two of our meets have been canceled so far,” Dorsey said. However, as burdensome as the unwanted snow may seem, Dorsey looks on the bright side, finding it gives the team more time to practice. “I’m hopeful that the extra pre-meet season practice will help us be even more ready when meets start!” Dorsey said. 

Mueller, who competes in 100 and 300 meter hurdle events, and Dorsey, who competes in pole vault, long jump, and triple jump, have high expectations for the 2023 season, as there is a lot of promising talent on their team. “With [as] big [of a] team as we are, [we are] fortunate enough to have a lot of depth and talent—so I hope we can make it to team state again this year,” Dorsey said. Mueller agrees with Dorsey; despite the delays due to the weather, they believe a good season is still in store. “I think the season will go very well, and even though we had a few setbacks due to the weather, I feel like we can have an excellent team,” Mueller said. 

Hana and Julia have both been a part of the girls’ track team since their freshman year and the memories they have created while on the team will never leave them. “My favorite memory from track is probably competing in section finals last year. Not only was it very fun to race but [also] to meet athletes from other teams,” Mueller said. 

As they assume the position of role models for their teammates, Mueller and Dorsey cannot wait to see what the future has in store for seasons to come and are glad to be able to guide the newcomers. “Some advice I would give first- and second-year students [is] not to be afraid to try new things; there are so many events in track and field. You have a lot of opportunities to explore and have fun!” Dorsey said. 

This piece was originally published in Zephyrus’ print edition on April 20.