Isari Rodriguez: From the front desk to the volleyball court


Max Froehlich

Photo By: Max Froehlich. Isari plays makeshift volleyball in the front office.

Celia Vedder, Staff Writer

After a six-year hiatus from the game, Isari Rodriguez, an administrative assistant and junior varsity lacrosse coach stepped up to the plate to coach Edina High School’s B-squad volleyball team. 

Rodriguez began playing volleyball at nine years old and competed through high school. Unfortunately, college marked the end of her volleyball career—or so she thought. 

Rodriguez found her way back on the court when offered a coaching position from Edina Volleyball. “EVB was in need of extra coaches for their B-squad teams, and I just let them know that I played in high school but never coached volleyball before,” she said. “They asked me to join the program coaching for the 10th-grade B-squad team, and I said sure! I was in the Activity Center running practice fifteen minutes later.” 

While the first day of practice may hold a lot of nerves for players, Rodriguez also had the jitters, especially after being given only a fifteen-minute heads-up. However, her anxiety failed to burden her excitement. “I was also excited to be a part of another program at EHS and to see how the sport has evolved since playing,” Rodriguez said. “Edina also has some high caliber athletes.” 

As a JV lacrosse coach and former sports management major at Mankato State University, Rodriguez is well versed in making a team successful while having fun. “I studied sports management in high school, so I learned a lot about coaching and the mindsets of different athletes,” Rodriguez said. “I always come prepared to practice with a plan and do my best to execute those plans, but I also like to have fun with the team and get to know them personally so they can feel comfortable coming to me for whatever they need.”