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Celia Vedder, Staff Writer

Celia Vedder is finally a senior and reached her 3rd and final year on Zephyrus (cue the tears). If you don’t know her already, my best reference for you, according to openpsychometrics.org, is Ally Maine from a Star is Born…if that makes any sense. Her favorite music genre is country, but only from the early 2000s, including artists such as the Dixie Chicks, Miranda Lambert, and Sheryl Crow. If you are looking for an update on Celia’s progress on the show Suits since her last bio, she has yet to finish it and is stuck on season 5. Though she was able to wiz through the final season of Ozark reasonably quick. She is pumped to finish her last year on Zephyrus and in the hands of Edina Public Schools strong and cannot wait for the memories that come with it.

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Celia Vedder