Smashing Fashion: Burberry Blunders

Jake Freeman, culture blogger

Seeing that Burberry’s check scarves are pervasive during the winter months here at Edina High School, I decided I would write a helpful post for all those who are sporting them. STOP.

These nondescript and totally mainstream scarves do nothing but show that you wasted your money on something tacky, status quo, and horridly overpriced. With these Burberry check patterned scarves, you are buying into the brand and nothing else. I mean, whatever happened to individualism? Whatever happened to wanting to stand out in the crowd? It seems it has died and in its place came Burberry check scarves.

Instead of spending upwards of three-hundred dollars on something everyone already has, why not spend upwards of two-hundred dollars on brands that well made and different from what everyone else has? Go for a simple Marc Jacobs knit snood or a colorful Missoni zigzag printed scarf.

If money is no object to you, aim for trendy and elegant fur scarves. Sofia Cashmere offers a wide range of elegant fur stoles and scarves that will allow you to stay warm and stand out during the cold winter months.

Individualism is key in fashion. By taking off the Burberry check scarf and finding something that very few people have and working it in a way that nobody else does, you may just set the next fashion trend at EHS.