The Tempest: Spring fashion trends

Jake Freeman, staff writer and blogger

Spring is in the air and that calls for spring fashions. Here’s a helpful list of what to wear for the upcoming season.

For the Ladies:

  1. Bright colors need to find their way into your wardrobe
  2. Show off those mid-rifts with crop tops paired with a maxi skirt or light washed jeans
  3. Go for structured clothing such as boxy blazers
  4. For those fancier occasions, go with a flapper for that twenties inspired look
  5. Get sporty chic with sportswear that plays with proportions and houses accents of bright colors
  6. Dress with oceanic inspiration, touching brightly colored ensembles with hints of coral and aqua


For the guys:

  1. Khaki shorts that rise just above the knee or that are rolled above the knee
  2. Bold colors as the centerpiece for your look (t-shirts, sport shirts, dress shirts, etc.)
  3. Thin leather belts or brightly colored canvas belts
  4. A pair of wayfarers with an extremely dark tint, an essential for any man
  5. A pair of suede shoes
  6. Plaid, whether it be blazers or sport shirts, needs to find a place in your spring closet
  7. Double breasted blazers or jackets
  8. Lightly washed denim, jeans or jean jackets