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Jake Freeman, Print Opinion Editor

Jeremiad Ezekial “Jake” Freeman was born in South Detroit in 1995 and, subsequently, was raised there. While the bohemian lifestyle of a floating hobo may have suited his parents, who had moved to the middle of the Detroit River in the late ‘70s after severely misinterpreting a Journey lyric, they soon found it was not a fit environment to raise a young child in, and the Freemans immigrated to Minnesota in 2003. Despite the notable handicaps the transition from vagrancy to city life imposed, Jake has excelled at Edina High in the fields of photography, archery, and bear-baiting, being named one of Edina High’s 700 Most Notable Seniors by Edina News and World Report this September.

He resides in Edina with his parents, Dale and Sandra, his brother, Chit, his extensive collection of novelty records, and his cats, Fluffy, Snarly, Snarky, Snerby, Reginald, Pickle, Lance, Pickles, Mittens, A.J., Howie, Gloves, Snerby II, Galoshes, Q*Bert, Chortler, and His Imperial Majesty Emperor of Germany Wilhelm IV.

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