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    Levi StraussOct 4, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    The fact is, what you choose to wear after school and on weekends is up to you. But you’ve completely neglected why schools have dress codes in the first place. At EHS and many other top U.S. public high schools, you have much freedom of choice about fashion and fads, within the limits of function/safety and respect for oneself and others. A see-through top, for example, may be popular and trendy, but it’s not appropriate wear for an educational environment (e.g., too revealing). There is a great deal of power in knowledge, so I suggest you read up more about how and why the clothing industry has changed, especially the marketing geared towards youth, since the 1940s. Then, perhaps you’ll have a more balanced view of clothing, fads, consumerism and school settings?

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