Why You Should Care About Fashion

Jake Freeman, Print opinion editor, head photographer, and blogger

I don’t think people truly realize the importance of fashion throughout our tiny blue world, so I’ve compiled an easily understandable list to educate those who view it as a frivolity that should be done away with.

First and foremost, fashion is an expression of individuality: It distinguishes you from those around you and can also define your culture. Whether you’re the gothic girl in jet-black parachute pants, a cheerleader in a ruffled miniskirt, or an Indian immigrant wearing a handcrafted silk Sari, you participate in fashion.

Secondly, fashion is an extremely potent presence in the global Economy: The clothing industry provides jobs to millions of people around the globe. Retailers, designers, factory workers, and distributors are all under the payroll of the fashion industry. Fashion’s Night Out, an international shopping day dedicated to supporting large retailers, small retailers, and pushing a human rights agenda creates large sums of economic activity as well as charitable donations.

Finally, the fashion industry is a powerful political entity: Fashion is a major player in American politics. Vogue editor Anna Wintour was an essential piece to both of President Obama’s campaigns, raising millions of dollars. Runway to Win, another of Wintour’s creations, has helped to fund campaigns for countless members of the Democratic party. Fashion also enlists many lobbyists, pushing for political reform.

Now that you have a better understanding of how fashion affects your life, I hope your can better appreciate what you throw on your back.