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The official student-run news publication of Edina High School.

Edina Zephyrus

The official student-run news publication of Edina High School.

Edina Zephyrus

Winter Spotify Playlist

In review: Once Upon a POPS

This year I saw POPS for the first time. If every POPS was as good as this one, it is safe to say that I have really been missing out.

The show’s title, Once Upon a POPS, means that there were a few fairy tale-related songs like “How do You Know” from “Enchanted” and, my personal favorite, “I’m a Believer” from “Shrek.”

Bandies showed that their musical prowess expands beyond their normal instruments; the audience was serenaded by other instruments, like the ukulele, and there was great singing and dancing.

As a “Les Mis” fan, I was tempted to jump in and start singing (to the chagrin of my friends) when they played a compilation of the best songs from the musical.

Even the ensemble pieces kept me engaged. Someone from each instrument group arranged the music that was played. The highlights were “Angry Bassoons,” where the bassoons wore angry bird costumes and played the theme music, and the percussion piece, where they used brooms to make a different kind of music.

However, my favorite parts by far were the videos. Interspersed throughout the show, these short clips had the audience laughing for a long time after they played. They did musical parodies like “Bringing Band Back” (from “Bringing Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake) and “Band Romance” (from “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga). They had five “I’m a Bandie” videos, in the style of “I’m a Mormon,” each one funnier than the last. These featured Kalley Norr as an animal whisperer, Laura Johnson as a hoarder, and Jake Gaskill as a yogi.

All in all, POPS was wonderful and I definitely plan on going again. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, make sure you go next year!

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