“The end of an era and the beginning of another”: half•alive’s latest release



Photo Courtesy of half•alive. half•alive’s album cover.

Malak Alkhatib, Staff Photographer/Writer

Alternative indie band half•alive released a new song called “Did I Make You Up?” on Oct. 13th from their recently revealed album “Conditions of a Punk,” coming out on Dec 2nd. With a slight twist that makes the song more calming than their other releases, this song maintains the band’s trademark indie style.

Though the band had previously teased a highly anticipated release of a different album called “Give Me Your Shoulders, Pt. 2,” it is being replaced by an album that they describe as “something beyond it.” They released a different single that same day as this cryptic message, starting what they referred to on Twitter as a “new era.” The group started teasing the launch of a second single a few days later; it was formally released to the public on Oct. 13 along with a music video.

half•alive describes their newest song as a post-breakup song, leaving the listener wondering whether they loved the person they broke up with, or the idea of that person. The song, like their previous songs, is instrumental heavy, which perfectly captures the emotions of confusion and denial about an ended relationship. The song’s accompanying music video, which plays with lights and shadows, and at one point uses a curtain to portray the ups and downs of a relationship, manages to express the same feelings in a more abstract manner.

While this song is more relaxed, half•alives’ previous music has been categorized as indie pop, alternative rock, electronic rock, and electropop. Many fans are extremely excited to find out where the new era will lead. Regardless, “Did I Make You Up?” is a fantastic contribution to their discography as a whole and is a beautiful beginning to their new era, giving fans of their music faith that it will continue to be consistently amazing.