The Bubble’s Most Popular Eateries

The Bubble’s Most Popular Eateries

Adair Andre, staff writer

According to EHS ‘hipster’ Will Hagens, Edina students are “terribly mainstream”  since they always go to the same places to participate in the hobby of eating. However, there is often a conflict between friends because they can’t agree on which is the best place to eat. Just like how the battle between Edward and Jacob has torn friendships apart, picking between Caribou and Starbucks can lead to some nasty fights. Therefore, I decided to settle this once and for all by participating in a poll with myself to discover what Edina’s favorite food venue is:

Perkins: 0

Chipotle: 1

Noodles: 0

Starbucks: 0

Imperial House: 0

Chipotle wins by 100%

Based on the accurate data I have received, I have concluded that Chipotle is the best place to dine in Edina. From now on, no friendships will have to be ruined, because everyone can agree that Chipotle is an all time favorite.

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