An Introduction to All Things Food

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1. Do you eat food?

2. Do you become extraordinarily thrilled at even the mere thought of food?

3. When you eat food do you cry out in ecstasy every time you take a bite?

4. Is dining a spiritual experience for you?

If you answered yes to the previous questions then you are just like me. Food is not only a life source, but also an experience. For some people it’s even considered a religion.

There is no way to get bored of food. Each cuisine has something unique to offer. The Japanese have a simple style of cooking, but display food as an art. The French use the magic potion known to the common people as “butter” to make amazing rich sauces that would even make poop taste good. The Italian make pizzas and pastas that have changed the world. And Americans are the experts in the field of french fries.

All in all, don’t take food lightly. It’s not just something we need to live; it’s something we live for. Consider this the next time you take a bite.

Peas out

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