Summer vs. Winter: Which is Better?

The case for cold: 

Cold weather is much cooler (pun intended) than hot weather.

First, let’s discuss sports. Maybe you can play more sports in the summer, but you can play almost all of those sports in the winter. Just throw on a sweater or play indoors if you can’t handle the cold. You can’t play most winter sports during the summer, though. Have you ever gone skiing in July? I didn’t think so. And after all, winter is the prime time for hockey season, Edina’s strong suit.

Drinking hot chocolate is a great treat in the cold winter months. Holding a warm mug when it’s cold outside is the epitome of comfort. In addition to that, when it’s cold out, it’s an amazing opportunity to use the your-hand-looks-cold-want-me-to-warm it maneuver on a certain someone.

You can also have the best conversations with people during the winter because there’s not much to look at except sexy Christmas sweaters and the other person’s face! During the summer you can see much more of stuff that you may or may not want to see, like skin, hair, and toenails. It’s also harder to maintain a conversation because of all that pent-up contempt you have for people more tan than you.

Okay, I do admit that winter is a season mostly dominated by school whereas summer is a season without school, but why is that bad? There are good parts of school, like being able to see your friends at least five times a week, and school makes the weekends and breaks just that much sweeter and more valuable. Also during the winter, there are some very fun school organized events: dances. Although many people don’t attend, they’re great opportunities to relax, have a good time with your friends, and forget the stress of school.

Finally, winter trumps summer because we’re happy to see the season pass. It lasts so long and makes you question your sanity. When it finally leaves, everyone is relieved. When summer ends, on the other hand, everyone is sad and regrets all the things they didn’t accomplish that year. Summer sets you up for disappointment, while winter sets you up for so much more.

The case for hot:

I’m going to start things off with one simple fact: there is no school during summer. Summer is a time to be free from the stress of homework and tests, and to relax and pursue your interests and hobbies, whether they be hanging out with friends, exercising, or exploring.

Another reason why summer reigns supreme in my mind is the fact that it’s warm. You could go swimming at the beach, watch a Twins game, enjoy a picnic with family or friends – the possibilities are endless. Summer is just a time to have fun.

And there are a plethora of sports and activities to do: baseball/softball, soccer, golf, frisbee golf, basketball, and so forth. Just about the only sport you can’t play outside would be hockey, but even then, there are indoor rinks open in the summer. And some fall sports even start in the summer, like Football, Girls’ Swimming and Diving, Cross Country, and Girls’ Tennis.

Summer is a time of good feelings to compensate for the gloom of a cold, gray winter. Especially near the end of winter, when all the snow on the sides of the road is blackened and slushy (it’s simply disgusting). If you prefer the cold sting of the February air over the warmth of the July sun, I pray for your sanity.

In the wintertime, people are forced to drive everywhere in their freezing cold cars and traverse the icy, dangerous roads. On the other hand, summer allows people to drive on safer surfaces, or walk or bike places while maintaining warmth and comfort. Personally, I enjoy biking, but everyone has their preference, from scootering to heelying.

The possibilities for a good time are seemingly endless when summer comes around – there’s so much to do and so many people to see.