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Madeline Marker, sports editor

Madeline Marker has accomplished many things in her 16 years of life. Her lengthy list includes but is not limited to being a band dropout, finishing 84th in her one and only nordic race, officing the French club, and completing every Sudoku puzzle. Yes, I know, Madeline has done some big things for only standing a mere 60 inches off the ground. Her most impressive accomplishment, however, would be scoring a 236 in mini golf, the highlight of her athletic career. As can be seen, Madeline is super sporty. Her career as a professional arm wrestler has really taken off. Her advice to an aspiring arm wrestler would be to keep in shape. Frequenting the weight room regularly is a must. Her high school bucket list includes acing her strength and conditioning class, talking to a boy without getting butterflies, and finding Waldo. She is also quite good at rock-paper-scissors, and staring contests.

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Madeline Marker