Riots Break Out at the University of Minnesota


Riots that occurred in Dinkytown quickly became dangerous.

Over the past few weeks, riots have been erupting in Dinkytown. The first riot occurred after the Gophers edged out North Dakota in the Frozen Four semifinals. The second was following the Gophers loss to Union in the finals for hockey.

During the first riot, fans threw beer bottles and cans at police cars. Some climbed poles and others began jumping on police cars. The riot spiralled so out of control that a helicopter was called in to illuminate the area. Several people were arrested and two police officers were sent to the hospital. Police vowed that for the next game, security would be tightened and any rioting would not be tolerated.

The police message did not prove effective. Even though the Minnesota versus Union game was played in Philadelphia, zealous fans stormed Dinkytown streets after losing. According to, fans ran into the street yelling “USA, USA!” while throwing rocks and bottles at police cars. At around 10:45 p.m. they stole a street sign and shattered a car’s window. The second riot was so out of control that nineteen people were arrested and there were two known incidents of arson, possibly more. The amount of property damage is still unknown. To settle the crowd, officers were forced to use tear gas, pepper spray, and shot bean bag and rubber pellets to disperse the crowd.