EHS Media Center Upgrades Furniture

In 2013, the Edina High School Media Center received an Ed Fund grant. The Media Center decided to create a library that had less books, and more floor space allowing the Media Center to be a place of interactive learning.

They added node chairs, a high table, and small round chairs. These additions gave the library a more collaborative work feel, where Edina High School students could gather around a table, and study for an upcoming test, or read a book. Another grant will be arriving on Oct. 20th, expanding the interactive feel of the library. Media Specialist Sara Swenson described what this new grant will be able to bring to the library:

  • Booth seating
  • media:scape table
  • High table with a glass wall
  • High table
  • Swivel chairs

To see the exact placement of this new furniture, Ms. Swenson has placed orange construction cones in the library where they will be placed. She has also placed a map outlining the new Media Center on the libraries door.