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Lillie Westbrook

Lillie Westbrook, print editor in chief

Lillie Westbrook is the daughter of Gillian Anderson (where she gets her red hair and icy aura) and David Bowie (her passion for breaking the paradigms). Not only has she worn a denim shirt for all three of her Zephyrus staff photos, they are all different, and two of them were meant to be purchased by men. Lillie is said to live in the past, and it’s pretty apparent that she does: her car is old enough to start Driver’s Ed itself, most of her wardrobe was made before the turn of the century, and whenever she sees a plane, she hits the deck and asks “What is that big metal bird doin’ flyin’ in the sky so LOUD!?” (It has yet to be determined why she always says this with a southern drawl). Along with dedicating herself to proving that nothing can be proven, Lillie is setting out to become known as the next Henny Youngman (seriously, this girl needs to update her references). You can find Lillie talking about David Bowie’s 1972 Top of the Pops performance of “Starman,” Ziggy Stardust’s surprise final performance in 1973, and the Thin White Duke controversy of 1976 preceding the Young Americans tour. If you’re looking for a member for your Dead White Male Musicians Who Challenged The Norms Of Gender And Sexuality Trivia team, look no further.

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Lillie Westbrook