All About “Divergent”

In the past couple of years, it seems as if many book series have been made into successful movies. First there was “Harry Potter,” then “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games,” and now a new book series will be entering the mix, called “Divergent.”

“Divergent” is similar to “The Hunger Games” in that its premise is set in a futuristic society. However, in “Divergent,” society has formed into different factions based on the flaws they saw in humanity. There are five of these factions, and Erudite is one of them. Erudite saw unintelligence as humanity’s main flaw, so this faction focuses on academics, and success in this faction is entirely based on one’s smartness. Abnegation, another faction, thought that selfishness causes corruption, so this faction decided to focus on selflessness. The third faction, Dauntless, saw being a coward as the problem. This faction focuses on bravery and encourages participation in daring adventures. Amity, the fourth faction, saw hatred as the issue. Amity focuses on peace and loving one another. Amity’s goal is to always get along, and encourages everyone to have a say in everything. Lastly, Candor, the fifth faction, thought that lying was the dilemma. Candor focuses on truth and their faction members always say what’s on their mind.

In the society in which “Divergent” is set, once a child turns sixteen they take an aptitude test which shows them which faction they belong in. The following day, at the choosing ceremony, the child will either choose to stick with the faction they were born and raised in or transfer. For some, aptitude tests are inconclusive, meaning that they have aptitude for more than one faction. These people are called divergent. In this society it is dangerous to be divergent and many are slaughtered every year because of it. Beatrice Prior is divergent. She has aptitude for three factions. Beatrice struggles with her decision of which faction to join, and how she fits into this faction-based society when she is not like the majority of the population.

The first movie will be released on Mar. 21, and it stars Shaine Woodley as Beatrice Prior, Theo James as Four (Beatrice’s love interest), Zoe Kravits as Beatrice’s friend Christina, and Kate Winslet as Jenine Mathews, Erudite’s leader. This star-filled cast is sure to be a hit, and with its loyal fan-base it should attract a large audience.

If you enjoyed “The Hunger Games,” “Divergent” would be another movie that you might be fond of. Its similar setting, story, and action-packed plot make it complementary yet quite different from “The Hunger Games.” Go and see the first movie and see for yourself how it matches up against your other favorite book-series-turned-movie.