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Chiara Kohlmayr

Chiara Kohlmayr, front page editor

Chiara is not your average junior. At an impressive 5’ 1 and ¾” (yes, ¾ does count), Chiara spent the first sixteen years of her life jumping around the globe, living in multiple cities such as New York, Paris, London, Singapore, and Edina. When she isn’t busy climbing up every tree in the neighborhood, Chiara can be found hiding under the covers with a good book, or chasing after her dog at Lake Harriet who, coincidentally, has again “slipped” out of her collar (notice the word again). Her all time favorite TV show is “The Big Bang Theory,” with “How I Met Your Mother” and “NCIS” tied for second. Rock climbing is also a passion of hers, as it makes everyone on the ground look much smaller, and makes her feel much taller. Green is the best color around due to its summery tone, butterflies are pretty, but ladybugs are better. Someday, Chiara will win the Nobel Prize in chemistry and spend her retired days mixing compounds attempting to blow stuff up.


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Chiara Kohlmayr