Mobile App “2048” – Your Next Addiction

Some may already have heard of it, and some may already be dangerously hooked. Whatever the case, it’s spreading through the world of mobile gaming like a firestorm. “2048,” a new web-based app, was released on Mar. 9, and is already said to be the “new best thing” in addictive gaming.

The goal of “2048” is to combine numbered tiles with those of the same number. Starting with the number two, players swipe in the direction they want to join tiles, which add together every time identical ones are merged. The aim is to create a tile number of 2048.

Sounds simple? Well, it is. Frustratingly, addictively, throw-your-phone-at-the-wall-ingly simple. Using simple directions and a clear-cut goal, this game is definitely not limited to “math-geniuses,” and for those still stuck, numerous strategies and tips have surfaced all over the web.

Created by nineteen-year-old Italian developer Gabriele Cirulli, “2048” is based on pre-existing games like “1024!” and “Threes!” Although the Android and Apple App Store both feature numerous unauthorized versions of the game, none are by Cirulli, who has so far only developed a mobile-friendly webpage.