Edina Zephyrus

Anna Ellingboe, Managing Editor

The world was given its most prized possession on August 24, 1994. The day started with anticipation so great that millions (not really, but a girl can dream, right?) gathered to await the arrival of the sure to be perfect Anna Ellingboe. Anna, named after the great ruler Princess Anna, (I mean there has to be at least one Princess Anna…Right?) was born wearing Sperrys and head to toe J Crew. From the moment she said ‘Mommy’, Anna was solving complicated math equations and challenging all her friends to math duels during her play dates. Although she started on the fast track in school in the early years, Anna always made times for sports. You can see her athleticism shine while she plays soccer (strictly house league though…), Badminton or if she isn’t injured she might treat you to the special sight of her running at stunning speeds. Although she belongs in Hollywood, Anna resides in Edina, Minnesota where she can be found driving a grayish Toyota and jamming to some rap music.

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Anna Ellingboe