2013 Athena Award goes to Mary Claire McGrory

Mary Claire McGrory

Anna Ellingboe, managing editor

Every year Edina High School awards one outstanding athletic female senior the Athena Award. They are considered based on their excellence in individual sports, and accomplishments in team sports. The girls can be nominated by the female head coaches at the school, and each coach can only nominate one girl. This year the award was given to basketball player Mary Claire (MC) McGrory. Check out the interview below for more information!

Zephyrus: When did you start playing basketball?

MC: A long time ago, probably around second grade.

Z: Will you be playing in college? If so, where?

MC: Yes! Creighton University.

Z: What keeps you motivated?

MC: I just really like playing basketball, and I don’t like to lose.

Z: Do you have any pregame techniques?

MC: Not really. I just shoot and stretch before the game.

Z: What does winning the Athena Award mean to you?

MC: Well I wasn’t really expecting to win. A lot of great athletes have won it in the past, so it’s just humbling to be in that same category.

Z: Do you have any advice to up and coming athletes?

MC: Do what you like to do, don’t worry about anything else. Just go out there and have fun with it!

Take MC’s advice and keep working at your sports. Work your hardest, keep a positive attitude and most importantly, have fun! You could even be the next Athena Award winner.