Homecoming Court: Kathleen O’Leary

Anna Ellingboe, features editor

1. What was your highlight of the week? (in terms of court)

The highlight was our sleepover when we practiced our walks downArden Avenuewith the music blasting from our car…at 1 in the morning. Also, going through an experience like that with 19 amazing people is something to remember.


2. What was it like having all the extra attention?

It was terrifying having the entire school watch you make a fool of yourself in the middle of the gym! That’s not something I enjoy doing on a daily basis… It was one of the most frightening moments of high school for me, but totally worth it. Everyone was scared, so all the ladies did a warm-up dance under the bleachers to get pumped up.


3. What will you remember most about being on court?

Being on court will make me remember how much I love our high school – the people, activities, tradition, and support of everyone around you. I loved going through the week and making memories with the rest of the court. I’m glad we made such a connection within the group and that we got to know each other as well as we did. It makes me sad that this was my last homecoming week at the high school, but it was a great way to end it.