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Synchronized Swimming wins third at State

Synchronized Swimming wins third at State

Sarah Nealon, print features editor

June 10, 2012

Willie Benjamin and Peter Nelson on house league soccer

Alex Van Gorp, ad manager and online news and opinion editor

June 5, 2012

Though Edina has many state titles on display in glass cases in front of the office, they are not a complete record of all of the athletic endeavours of our school’s student body. A few days ago I sat down with juniors Willie...

Emilia Kokoszka

Alex Van Gorp, ad manager and online news and opinion editor

June 5, 2012

Edina High School is full of amazing athletes that excel in their arena of sport. Recently, I asked Edina’s own sophomore Emilia Kokoszka a few questions about her sport, competitive dance. 1. How old were you when you first...

EHS’s very own bowling team

Megan Couture, print culture editor

June 5, 2012

In addition to Edina’s club teams like trap & skeet and rugby is a new bowling team! What makes these sports “club sports”? “[They have] independent providers, meaning they are outside teams that run everything ind...

Baseball season begins

Anna Ellingboe, Managing Editor

May 5, 2012

With only five returning players, (seniors Nick Leer, Nick Omodt and juniors Mitch Larson, Matt Hophner and Mark Handberg) most of this year’s baseball team is new. Both Varsity coaches are new this year also, Carter Freeman,...

Celine Henke

Ellie Lagorio, features editor

May 1, 2012

Senior Celine Henke plays not one, not two, but three unique sports. She is a captain for both the varsity Trap and Skeet team and the Badminton team at EHS. Here is some insight into her sport filled life: 1. How did you first...

Spring into sports

Anna Ellingboe, features editor

April 13, 2012

Second semester is notoriously the hardest half of the year. Teachers are cracking down, trying to finish the textbook by the end of the year, A.P. tests are looming, and warm weather makes it hard to concentrate. If the stress of t...

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