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Maren Naegele, manager

Maren is a sweet, caring, and “shy” girl who apparently “hates” being the center of attention; but her loud voice and talkativeness around friends shows otherwise.  You can always count on her for a late night facetime or just a funny text to brighten your day.  In August of 2014 she moved to Minnesota from California, and she won’t let you forget it.  Not a day goes by where you won’t hear her say “I’m from California,” or mention something about her hometown.  She also loves her two dogs Noodles and Scotch; although not very equally I would point out.  Noodles is usually referred to as the devil and her clear favorite is Scotch.  Maren is an ex-soccer player but still enjoys watching the sport (along with many others) but cannot be convinced to rejoin a team because when she quits something she “quits it for good.”  But that was not the end of her athletic career; she still enjoys playing badminton and is clearly going pro after her letter she received last year.  To refuel after matches she can be found eating just about anything BUT peanuts. She is severely allergic, so please no one give her a Reese’s.  Oh and one last thing, did I mention that she is from California?

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Maren Naegele