Edina’s House Soccer Season Begins

Maren Naegele, features editor

Are you an Edina High School student who played soccer in elementary school? Do you want to rekindle your dribbling skills or revive your scoring abilities? Then it might be time for you to dust off your cleats, find your shin guards, and join a house soccer team through the Edina Soccer Association. With the weather improving in Minnesota, many EHS students are joining ESA teams for the spring and summer. Edina’s house soccer teams are perfect for anybody who wants to have fun and be outside, regardless of any prior experience with a soccer ball.

Practices and games are held roughly twice a week and are meant to be casual. Of course, most teams are competitive, but the activity is primarily designed to be fun. The ESA encourages students to be active with their friends, and has a policy which allows every player to request one friend to be on their team. Playing with friends can make the sport less intimidating for beginners, making the game more enjoyable.

Holly Brinkman and Greta Hanten, both juniors at EHS, participate in girls house soccer for the ESA. Brinkman loves that house soccer gives her the opportunity to play a sport without putting too much of an emphasis on competitive success. “It’s fun because you can go to games together [with friends] and you don’t have to be super intense about winning,” said Brinkman. The season is as competitive as each player makes it and the primary goal is always to have fun and make new friends. “It’s a good sport for all different skill levels,” said Hanten.

Joining an ESA team is a perfect way to stay social and get exercise during the summer. Even if you don’t want to play, you can always come to Highlands Park on Monday and Wednesday evenings to support an Edina team.