Winter Athlete Quiz

1. How is an icing call determined in hockey?

Nordic athlete: “In hockey, there would be an icing call if the goalie is holding the puck under their glove,” said senior Conor Hussey. (Wrong answer.)

Basketball athlete: “Icing is called when the other team shoots the puck from the red line and it crosses the goal line and no one has touched the puck,” said senior Brian Olson. (Correct!)

Answer: Icing is called when a player shoots the puck from behind the center red line and across the goal line, assuming the puck remains untouched and does not go in the goal.

2. What are the two styles of Nordic skiing?

Hockey athlete: “Classic and skate,” said junior Katie Murney. (Right on the money.)

Basketball athlete: “A type of Nordic skiing I think is called classic, and I have no idea what any others are called,” said Olson. (This won’t quite cut it.)

Answer: The two styles of Nordic skiing are classic and skate skiing. 

3. What five positions are often played in basketball?

Hockey athlete: “Two power forwards, point guard, shooting guard, and center,” said Murney. (So close, but wrong.)

Nordic athlete: “The five basketball positions are center, point guard, shooting guard, shooting forward, and power forward,” said Hussey. (Another close one, but still off the mark.)

Answer: The five positions are as follows: point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center.