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Austin Buyse

Austin Buyse, staff writer

Austin Buyse is a man of many traits. He enjoys outdoor activities, and keeping it real with his friends. Born in 1996 on the Southside of Edina, Austin has always been a Hornet at heart. Some of Austin’s favorite outdoor activities include slacklining, hammocking, and fishing with friends. To be able to slackline all the time, and practice his skill, Austin sets up a 45 foot line between two trees in his backyard, and seshes for hours on end. Not only does Austin have fun in the summer, he’s also outdoors all the time during the winter. Along with playing pickup pond hockey with friends, he enjoys downhill skiing with his family and friends. Every winter he goes skiing out West to to ski in Vail, Colorado with his family to enjoy the great outdoors. Once Austin graduates, and moves on from Edina High School, he’s going to pursue his slacklining and hammock career. If there was one word to describe Austin Buyse, it would be ambitious.

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Austin Buyse