Ryan Gallagher: 2014 Teacher of the Year

Ryan Gallagher, one of Edina High School’s DECA teachers, recently won the award for best high school teacher in the Edina Magazine. The two other finalists were Brian Simpson and Alejandro Diaz-Andrade. Gallagher was very happy to find out about winning the award, but he also won’t let it get to his head. “The only thing I hope students notice about me is that I like being here.  I live for Mondays as much as I do Fridays,” Gallagher stated.

The winner is decided by the readers of Edina Magazine, who vote online for both a preliminary and final round. Gallagher says that he is not a subscriber to Edina Magazine, and was not aware of the award before he was nominated. “I was really surprised and honored to find out that I won.”

Gallagher holds the two finalists, Diaz and Simpson, in high regard. “I was really honored to learn that I was a finalist along with Brian Simpson and Alejandro Diaz,” he said. Gallagher didn’t forget to mention in the interview that “Alejandro Diaz is the best teacher.”

His students were also very happy to find out about him winning the award, though not too surprised. “I was not surprised that Mr. Gallagher won the award. He is very dedicated to his students and is a great teacher!” said sophomore Mari Spitale, who had Gallagher first semester.

Gallagher isn’t too sure what his future teaching career holds for him, but he is sure that he will continue to enjoy his time with his students.  “I cannot be promoted to a better job. I already have it,” he concluded.