Julia Kim, artist


Olivia Wegmann-Krider

“Get that pencil mileage in!”

Jane Porter, managing editor

Julia Kim, a first year out of class artist, has gone above and beyond the required middle school art classes. Having had taken art all throughout high school, Julia finds that her time in Zephyrus to have been a natural next step. “I just wanted to do something with my art. I think the best option for me was joining Zephyrus,” Julia said. “Everytime I see my art in the newspaper I’m like ‘Oh, cool!’”

Not only has Julia’s passion for art grown for Zephyrus, but also as a way to express herself. “I just really like art, it’s a creative outlet,” Julia said. “A piece I did for [the article about] the math curriculum, I really liked personally because the expression of the character I drew was really stressed; I poured my own stresses with math into that piece.”

Along with her own creative expression, Julia has created stunning works for articles including the in-depth concerning anti-semitism in Edina, conveying the despair of those who can relate to the article through her carefully drawn figures. Through this article, she also made small clipart-like art pieces that were used to display symbols used in Judaism or in Hebrew words.

Her art takes on an almost watercolor style, displaying stunning color palettes with crisp lines that allows the art to pop and give senses of realism to any piece.  

With Zephyrus, she can set her own deadlines for art while still being paced by the ever-developing articles of the newspaper. “I really like it, I find that it’s really flexible,” she said. 

Planning on attending the University of Minnesota this fall for computer science, Julia will bring her calming presence with her, along with her passion for art. “I don’t have as many [hobbies] now that I’m on my senior slide,” she said. “[But] join Zeph!”

While Julia admitted her friends would describe her as quiet, her ideas are well-thought out and her advice does not fall short of pure brilliance. “[Young artists should] really just get that pencil mileage in and just draw as much as you can,” she said.