Gabe Jobe’s journey from the freshman team to the All-Conference leading scorer

Maren Fullerton, Section Editor

Senior Gabe Jobe started his high school basketball career on the least competitive high school team, the freshman team. Since he has worked hard to become the 2020 Lake Conference leading scorer and a varsity captain of the basketball team. His elite scoring ability caught the eye of videographers and users of media platforms like Instagram and YouTube to highlight his talent. 

“I set my standards high after sophomore year, going into junior year,” said Jobe. This explains his leap to a varsity starter and leading scorer. In Jobe’s junior season, he earned a spot on the All-Conference team and led the Lake Conference with 20+ points per game. In his best scoring game in the 2020 season, Jobe carried the team with 37 points versus Eden Prairie, despite the team still losing by nine. 

This is when he caught the eye of Instagram accounts like @prepcoasthoops with 21.3k followers and @andonefilms with 9.1k. Videographers attended Edina games and watched Jobe at his scouting events to post his highlights on Instagram and Youtube. 

This year, Jobe is a captain and provides more than just points during games. “He does so much more than just score for us – his leadership and confidence is something all of his teammates rally behind,” coach Joe Burger said. 

The team set its sights on the state tournament at the end of the year. Coach Burger has full confidence in Jobe and the other captains to navigate any adversity and win against teams in the toughest conference in the state. “I feel like this year we have a really good core group of guys and a ton of experience so we should be able to go far,” said Jobe. 

Ultimately, this media attention helped Jobe get noticed for bigger events and college recruiting opportunities like Prep Hoops events. He is still undecided on college, but Jobe is in the lineup for a hefty scholarship.