Edina robotics team trailer vandalized with anti-Edina messages


Lex Li

Members of the Edina robotics team discovered their team trailer was vandalized on March 15

Celeste Eckstein, copy editor

On Wednesday, March 15, members of the Edina robotics team arrived at the Calvary Lutheran Church parking lot and discovered the team’s trailer had been vandalized with graffiti. Both the trailer and Calvary property were spray-painted with messages of Edina hatred, including claims that the city is racist.  

Calvary reported the situation to the police, who asked Edina High School administration to clean up the scene and move the trailer. Currently, there is no information regarding who created the graffiti. Dean of Students Bradley Dahlman expressed that EHS condemns acts of vandalism.

Dahlman reaffirmed EHS’s commitment to creating a just and inclusive environment. “Equity work is something that we as a building do on a daily basis, and this doesn’t change that,” said Dahlman.

Edina Public Schools has taken action to combat discriminatory behavior. The district updated Policy 506 before the beginning of the school year to include set punishments for violating a ban on “all forms of racism, religious-based discrimination, xenophobia, and sexual orientation or gender identity harassment and/or discrimination as these actions are destructive to the District’s mission and core values.”