Edina High School’s resident artist

Duin holds up one of his favourite paintings, titled “Light Up The Day.”

Nora Franssen, staff writer

Jackson Duin, a junior at Edina High School, has been interested in art his entire life. In fact, his third word was “art.” He’s gone to countless galleries ever since he was young. He has also been painting since he was nine, and has made around 500 paintings since then, selling around 35 of them. Along with this, Duin has a blog which he’s been running since 2016 and has completed over 30 interviews with artists. He just recently curated his first exhibition at Artreach St. Croix, the youngest artist to do so. Duin hopes to have a career in art in the future, despite knowing it might be difficult, because he feels as if he was, in his words, “born to paint.”