A look inside Whigrean’s lively print room

Hanna Jaeger, staff writer

Yearbook distribution always punctuates a school’s last weeks. Students look forward to leafing through those glossy pages, reminiscing about all the highs and lows of the year. However, few really know how much hard work goes into creating Edina’s yearbook: Whigrean. The staff works all year to put Edina’s beloved memory book together. 

The Whigrean room is comprised of four different jobs. “Writers do all the writing, design puts the page together, photography is kind of the backbone,” said junior staff member Abby Meitrodt. There is also a business group that handles advertising and social media. They divide students into groups with one member from each staff and are given new assignments every three weeks. “We [put it together] linearly,” said Meitrodt, “So it kind of depends on what’s going on in school [that week].” 

A typical day for staff is rather busy with three weeks to put together a two-page spread. There is little time for rest or relaxation. “Usually the first week we plan out the pages, the second week we get all the pictures and interview people, and the third week is putting everything in place,” said senior Ryan Lowe, a third year Whigrean member. 

Collaboration is a key part of how the yearbook staff operates. They operate like a business, with tasks and deadlines that require effort from everyone to complete. “It can be kind of hectic trying to get everything done because if you lack communication within your group it can be hard to make sure everyone is on top of their work,” Meitrodt said. “We’ll have weeks where almost no work gets done and then we’re grinding for that last week trying to get everything on the page.”

Whigrean gives the whole student body a way to look back on their year, but students on the staff find something more rewarding. Through exploring the different events and interests on campus, they’re able to get to know kids they would have no chance of meeting otherwise. In their own classroom, they are a community of students from all grade levels and backgrounds that share the interest of learning about their school and the people in it. It gives members a chance to explore all kinds of activities, even those they’re not involved in. “It’s really helped me feel more involved in the school,” Meitrodt said. Just one piece of advice from Lowe, don’t let their advisor, Mrs. Guerin, catch you late to class.