Zephyrus Articles Through History

John Osler, staff writer

One year ago: Zephyrus had a head-to-head opinion piece about the pros and cons of gay marriage. The topic was especially heated at the time because Minnesotan voters were a month away from passing a state amendment that would define marriage as between one man and one woman. Since then, the state legislature has actually legalized gay marriage.

Five years ago: In a special election year edition, every article in the October 2008 Zephyrus edition was political. A particularly interesting  article was about how that year the competing nominees for Edina’s state representative both had students in tenth grade.

Ten years ago: An editorial piece suggested singing the national songs of different nations (Canada, France, and England) on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during the time when the pledge of allegiance is spoken on Mondays. Although the plan was never successfully implemented, it’s an interesting concept and easy to wonder how Edina High School would be if Zephyrus’s idea had taken off ten years ago.

Twenty-five years ago: The 1988 pep-fest ended in disaster according to an article entitled, “Lynch Dismantles SWAMI, ABUF.” Some members from a student organization called SWAMI apparently threw items such as diapers and dog biscuits at sophomores while others shot them with squirt guns, some of which were loaded with baby oil. Shortly afterward, a different student group known as ABUF performed a skit that involved sexual references. The principal at the time, Robert Lynch, disbanded both groups.