Zephyrus Articles Through History, Part II

“Zephyrus Articles Through History” will be a new online feature that focuses on what happened this month in Zephyrus years ago. As it turns out, Zephyrus has archives dating back to World War II and it has recorded all the interesting and bizarre events in Edina High School’s decades of history.

One year ago: An international pork shortage was expected to raise the price of bacon by 10%. The marginal price increase was cause for confusion and panic among EHS students, many of whom spoke about bacon with reverence comparable to how one would act towards some sort of holy being.

Five years ago: Unhealthy habits were a big theme in this edition of Zephyrus, in which there was a connection between the pressure to get good grades and to do drugs or alcohol in both the in-depth and opinion sections. The unusual comparison was actually well supported, as each causes side effects such as sleep loss and stress and often arise from pressure put on by other students.

Ten years ago: In an in-depth section about guilty pleasures, a piece was written regarding the obsession that some EHS  students have with the card game, Magic: The Gathering. Although published almost a decade ago, the article could well have been used to describe the magic culture still visible at EHS today. The same in-depth section features articles about such modern interests as superheroes and the video game Halo.

Twenty-five years ago: A staff editorial delved into the reasons for the declining popularity of Edina fundraisers for various clubs. Some of the reasons were normal, such as poor choice of bands and low attendance. Others, however, were outright bizarre. Apparently, many students stayed home in fear of encountering drunkenness, violence, and flying slam dancers.

Fifty years ago: Zephyrus, then called the Buzzette, reported on a number of speeches given in class on various subjects. The most notable was one by student Mark Thornton who rode his motorcycle into class as an introduction to his speech about the mechanics of a motorcycle. Other interesting speakers reported on how to make bullets or showed the inner workings of a piano by disassembling it.