What Will Your Graduation Party Look Like?

Colette Bruder, print copy editor

As the weather begins to warm and spring starts to bloom, high school seniors suffering from a strange combination senioritis and premature nostalgia begin planning their graduation parties. At Edina High School, bigger is always better and students plan months in advance to make sure their grad party is one for the ages. Here are some memorable things that students are doing to make their parties stand out.

Throwing a successful graduation party is all about having amazing food. High school students can go weeks without eating a meal at home simply by grad party hopping with friends. Students choose unique catering options to make their grad parties the most popular at EHS. Morning grad parties often stick with a breakfast theme. This includes everything from smoothie bars to crepe stations and even chocolate fountains with waffle bars. Afternoon grad parties typically stick with the classic grad food and often feature food trucks and ice cream bars. Some of the most popular and well-loved food items include tacos, barbecue from Famous Dave’s and anything covered in bacon.  Most people do ice cream buffets with ice cream from places such as Sebastian Joe’s or the Edina Creamery. However, some of the best grad parties take place at night. Often they focus on enjoying the evening’s amazing weather and eating sweet treats. Dessert offerings can range from a cupcake truck to s’mores roasted over the campfire.

While the food at graduation parties is always amazing, some people make the destination of their party the spotlight. Most high school students have their grad parties at private homes; however, some host their grad parties at unique places like cabins or country clubs. One 2017 senior will even be having their grad party at their family farm one hour away from Edina. Guests can spend their time at this event either taking in nature or swimming in the lake next to the farm.

Another key element for graduation parties  is the entertainment factor. This can mean anything from playing yard games like badminton and bean toss to setting up a photo booth for guests to take pictures in while they enjoy the party. Many graduation parties even rent bouncy houses for guests to play and let out their inner kindergartener.

Graduation parties typically occur from late May through late June and are a chance for friends and family to celebrate the achievements of the graduating senior. Graduation is a chance for students to look back at their educational experience over the last twelve years while eagerly celebrating what the future has in store. Whatever, your plans hold this spring, Zephyrus hopes it’s filled with happiness and of course, some delicious food trucks.