Through images: local businesses vs. large chains


Courtesy of Ellen Mi

Ellen Mi, head editor-in-chief

Starbucks vs. Smith Coffee & Cafe

While Starbucks is a multinational coffee corporation with headquarters in Seattle, Smith Coffee only recently opened in 2018 in the nearly 150-year-old Smith Douglas More House in Eden Prairie.

Taco Bell vs. Taco Libre

With locations only in the St. Paul area, Taco Libre operates on a much smaller scale than  the nearly 60-year-old Taco Bell corporation.

Crave vs. JK’s Table

When it comes to sushi, many Edina residents are familiar with JK’s Table, a cozy Japanese restaurant run by chefs Kuma and Junko; on the other hand, Crave, a chain first opened in Edina at the Galleria, now operates in 12 different restaurant locations across Minnesota and South Dakota.